The Bands of the Noisy Night
JDK & Rosalita's Sisters

Rosalita's Sisters

Where These Streets End
JDK && Rosalita's Sisters' journey begins

Devious David (Vox/Git), Tremendous Tim (Git/Vox), Obi Jan Kenobi (Bass/Vox) and Magnificent Max (Drums/ no Vox 'cause he can't sing for shit) embark on a journey driven by handmade rock which is unlikely to be found anywhere else.

Songwriter David, indulging in his various obsessions and Jan, him being producer, mediator of madness, sound engineer and mother of dragons found themselves in studio in 2017. In their self-chosen hermitage, they created the piece to be known as Where these Streets End.

Nights of naughty nagging, bottles of bourbon and tiresome takes, it all came to the point of finding another musician and a drummer to go live. JDK & Rosalita's Sisters were born and since then have been working through the material and some hundreds of bottles of beer to kick your ass live.

The album's songs meander around the drinks, the drugs, the dreams and drama we all go through on the quest called life. Whether it's the angry uproar of being Stuck in a Fight you cannot possibly win or the bittersweet surrender placed Where These Streets End, the unique variety of songs teams up with the energy of a live performance and too many silly hairstyles ensuring you return home worn out but happy.

Band members:

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JDK & Rosalita's Sisters played at the Noisy Summer Night 2019 for the first time and performed again at the Noisy Night 2022.